Handyman and Asphalt Services

Serving Snohomish and King County

Landscape and Rental Services

Handyman and asphalt services would like you to know that we are here to save you time and money by giving you full service on your lawn as if it was our own.Let us service your lawn by making it stand out from the rest.

Tap Soil
Fine Red Bark
Fine Black Bark
Cedar Play Chips
Crushed with Minus
Clean Crushed Rocks
Drain Rocks

Tree Removal
Grinding Brush
Drainage System
Building Sand
Pea Gravel
Cobble Rock

We do the work or deliver only

We also offer recycling for branches, wood, broken concrete and asphalt

Our Rental Equipment

Asphalt Spray Sealing
Seal Coat Tank
Hot Asphalt Box Truck

Asphalt Paver
Dump Truck and Trailer
Flat Bed Truck

Jose Perez
Cell (425) 350-3321
Message (425) 344-4830
Fax (425) 397-7515
E-mail: eastsideasphalt@gmail.com

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